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"Dinosaurs: Fossils Exposed" explores the bones and fossils belonging to the giant creatures that once roamed the Earth. Visitors can view and even touch six full dinosaur skeletal molds including a Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs Rex, and Velociraptor. There are additional molds of skulls, arms, legs, eggs, footprints and a 6-foot-1 Apatosaurus femur. Visitors will also enjoy a dig box where they can use paleontology tools to unearth dinosaur bones.


"Dinosaurs: Fossils Exposed" was conceptualized by the Arkansas Discovery Network, a unique six-museum partnership funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, that includes the Arts & Science Center.

Support for the center is provided in part by the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage and the the National Endowment for the Arts.

Later Event: October 15
Tinkering Studio