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Delta Rhythms: Works from the Permanent Collection

Delta Rhythms shines numerous lenses on the repetition and flow of daily life in our region. The rhythm of agriculture includes the paintings of David Mudrinich, Henri Linton, and Tim Jacob. The rhythm—or some might say the grind—of chores is depicted in work by artists Natalie Tolman, Stan Green, Benny Andrews, and B. Rogers Witsell. The rhythm of music is represented by Barbara Tenholder, Palmer Hayden, and James D. Parks. Gabriel Bennett, Bob Thompson, L. Eric Smith, and Mark Morgan bring rhythms of pattern to the exhibition. The rhythm of the rocker might be a timeworn metaphor of aging but for Deborah Moseley’s joyous rendition.

Don Shaw’s work, Scorpio, celebrates the rhythm of the constellations. The rhythm of life is anchored by Howard Stern’s watercolor of a cemetery and Benny Andrews uses line to convey the grief of mourning. Daniel Coston and Suzanne Waggoner convey the decay of the built landscape as a cotton gin and old house crumble into disrepair, destined to become dust.

This is the first time that the Palmer Hayden artwork is on exhibit since it underwent conservation in 2015. Hayden was a Harlem Renaissance artist and this work of art is prominently featured for its beauty, importance in the Collection, and the rhythm expressed in the dancers and the musicians.

Delta Rhythms will be on exhibit through April 29th . Admission is free thanks to the generous sponsorship of Relyance Bank.