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Color In Space: The Art of Justin Bryant opened May 11, 2017 at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas (ASC). Bryant describes his work as “reflecting an aesthetic strategy that addresses the idea of color and space in relation to African American consciousness.” These stunning watercolors feature Black men wearing architectural elements as crowns, goggles, or adornment. One piece, All the King’s Men,is from ASC’s permanent collection and eighteen new works will be featured.

The medium of watercolor is used both artistically and as social commentary with the works having a quality of “here, not-here.” Bryant utilizes the white of the paper as a component and fades the figures leaving the viewer to connect part-to- part in their mind. Color In Space sparks a conversation that is highly relevant as, according to artist David Clemons, Bryant’s “work becomes a form of civic engagement that forces the audience to see and consider the struggle of the other, to recognize the black man’s trial to define himself.”

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