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The Arts & Science Center is pleased to host an exhibition of called Magnificent Me sponsored by Med Express. Visitors can interact with a variety of medical technologies and have the chance for hands-on exploration of different human systems. The exhibit examines the body’s muscles and bones, heart and lungs, digestive system, and brain and nerves.

Some of the exhibit’s highlights include:

  • Can My Hand Fool My Brain? Using special coils, visitors try to tell the difference between hot and cold temperatures.
  • How Does My Brain “See” a Word? Visitors use a slider to rotate a brain and explore how humans process information.
  • Why Do My Bones Break? A lever allows visitors to flex a bone.
  • Can My Eyes Fool My Brain? Visitors try to trace a pattern by looking only at a reflection.
  • Intestine Pull! Visitors pull a rope to see the length of their intestines.
  • Gas Seat Visitors have a seat, then bounce up and down to build up gas pressure and see what happens.
  • It’s Raining Bacon! Different sounds are designed to fool the brain.   
  • What Does a Baby Look Like in the Womb? Visitors use the sensor wand to “see” an ultrasound of the inside of the womb.              
  • Mirror Mixer Visitors see what happens when they try out the mirror with a friend.
  • Do Smells Trigger Memories? Different scents may evoke different memories in visitors.
  • Penny Candy Visitors can experiment with their sense of taste.

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