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Our Front Porch

Traveling Arts Fiesta, a nonprofit agency dedicated to bringing cultures together and celebrating Hispanic art, is launching a year-long outreach project called “Our Front Porch.”

“Our Front Porch” is a multi-media installation, developed to recreate a common space, such as the front porch where generations of families would gather and share stories. Through various sensory experiences, the viewer/participant is invited to engage with a greater community of artists, story-tellers and musicians, in an environment that reveals the “stillness within community” that we experience whenever we take the time to really listen to each other and see through another’s eyes.

The visual artists selected for “Our Front Porch” represent the diversity of our population in Arkansas. Young and old(er), from different regions and cultures, yet each bringing their talents to express who they are and how they interact with the world around them. Shared memories are what binds friends and family together and many of the works in this installation reflect the theme of memory. Others are represented by paintings that act as “windows” to the natural landscape – what we might see if we were all sitting on a porch together.

Curator Shannon Dillard Mitchell

For information on the April 27 Our Front Porch event activities at The Arts & Science Center and the Pine Bluff Library, please click here.

Sponsored by Traveling Arts Fiesta