ASC's newest hands-on exhibition, the STEAM Studio. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics come together in this exhibition with activities such as circuits, coding, and stop-motion animation.


LED Costume

C.J., a Pine Bluff middle school student, reached out to ASC to help create his dream "light up" costume for a school talent show. Using Arduino software, he programmed microchips to control blinking LEDs for his costume.

Stop Motion Animation

ASC integrated gallery artwork in this stop-motion animation created by local students with a Pine Bluff Art League member's landscape painting as the background.


Cardboard City

ASC's new Engineering & Tech Camp participants worked to build a city and the animate it by wiring circuits, constructing conductive cars, and coding microchips to make police cars, construction zones, and stop lights activate. 

Engineering & Technology

Through hands-on building and experimentation, students were introduced to electric circuits, LEDs and switches, stop-motion animation, computer coding and apps, conductors and semi-conductors, and programming motors.