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The Stage is a theatre-based makerspace that uses performing arts as a platform to develop 21st-century skills and enhance STEAM education. For more information about The Stage, read our blog post.

ASC is pleased to offer The Stage resources for educators, including ASC-created lesson plans and links to outside sources. ASC can also provide technical support, assist with evaluation, and assist with purchasing materials associated with implementing The Stage curricula. For more information on how to take advantage of this support, please contact Leonor Colbert by phone at 870.536.3375 or by email at lcolbert@asc701.org


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A multi-week, cumulative curriculum that can be used in any kind of classroom; ample opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and customizing content for specific subjects, such as art, theatre, ELA, social studies, history, STEM, etc.


A stand-alone lesson that con be completed in 45-60 minutes. Subject connections to art, theatre, ELA, music, etc.



Why teach theatre?

Use these articles when advocating for the importance of theatre to various stakeholders. Each article has a different tone and length, use whichever articles you feel will appeal best to your stakeholders’ interests and values.

The Effects of Theatre Education

Hard data on academic achievement and other benefits of theatre education for students.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Theatre is Still Important in the Twenty-First Century

Quick-and-dirty article to share that gives solid reasons why theatre education is still relevant to 21st-century students. Not as data-driven as the previous article, but much shorter and quick-to-process in style of popular “listicles.”

The Importance of Drama and Performing Arts in Education

Another list of the benefits of theatre in education, not as data-driven as the first nor as informal in tone as the second.


Theatre Education Articles

This list of articles includes useful information for theatre educators in diverse environments, including mixed grade levels, working with students with special needs, and ESL students.

Incorporating Theater into the Special Education Classroom: Five Myths

Drama and Students with Specials Needs

The Importance of Arts in Special Education

Drama for Students with Special Needs

Teaching Drama to Mixed Ages: Ages 5-10 all in one class?

How to Teach Your First drama Class

10 Methods to Incorporate Drama in the ESL Classroom

Using Plays in the Language class


Theatre Lesson Plans & Resources

These are links to scripts, lesson plans, and other resources available online to help augment your theatre teaching. These lessons can be combined with The Stage shadow puppet program to augment that curriculum, or used separately.

Big Dog Plays

An economical choice for kid-friendly scripts in a variety of lengths.

Story Drama in the Special Needs Classroom

A book available for purchase that includes step-by-step lesson plans for implementing drama in special needs classrooms; available in e-book.

Creative Drama Classroom

Lesson plans and activities sorted by age level, lesson type, and cross-curricular content.

Teaching Drama to Little Ones

E-book available for purchase. Includes over 70 theatre activities for children age 3-7 and 12 complete lesson plans.

Teaching Drama to Kids: The Essential Handbook

E-book available for purchase. Includes 16 lesson plans or a complete semester’s worth of cumulative lesson plans; includes customizations for younger and older students.