The Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas is seeking a director for our month long, Monday-Friday, theatre summer camp from June 18 – July 14. The camp is a component of ASC’s expanded youth theatre-immersion program called "The Stage"; -- A maker space for creativity & innovation through theatre.

Taking a holistic approach to theatre, "The Stage" will engage students in all aspects of theatrical production: directing, acting, script writing, scenery construction, costume design, light & sound design, stage management, playbill design, and marketing & promotion of production. It will culminate with an hour (or up to 90 min) Jr production – either a play or musical (director’s choice) for the public. By incorporating technology, students will learn coding and circuitry for scenery special effects, audio & film for documenting, and basic graphic design. All which ASC already provides through our programs. The program’s mission is to offer an opportunity for students with diverse learning styles to gain “real world” experiences that can be translated into future STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, & Math) careers by using theatre as platform for personal empowerment and exploration.

The director will utilize ASC’s 232-seat theatre with a proscenium stage featuring a counterweight system, sound and light booth, spotlight house, in-house scene shop, as well as the scene and costume shop located in our annex. For coding, circuitry, and graphic design, those activities will be a collaboration with ASC STEAM programmers.

The summer theatre camp director position is open to graduate students, theatre instructors, and teaching theatre artists. The director will work with ASC’s public program coordinator and theatre interns to create an inclusive and innovative program for our community’s youth.


Contracted Dates: June 4 – July 14 / pay $4,000. Lodging assistance can be provided.
Curriculum Prep Dates: June 4 – June 11 are reserved as curriculum prep dates. Interns will arrive the week of June 4.
Summer 2018 Theatre Camp Dates: June 18 – July 14 (the public performances will take place Friday, July 13, and Saturday, July 14)

Deadline for applications: April 1


Application packages for full time, part time, or internships include three components:

1. A cover letter which must include:

a. Your area of interest, academic training, and job experience in one or more of the following: arts or science education and interpretation, non-profit management, curatorial, finance, development, operations, special events, theater, or other area (specify). The letter must be specific to how your skills fit the ASC position.

b. Save file with your last name and word “Letter” (i.e. SmithLetter)

2. ASC job application

a. Print, fully complete, sign, and scan application

b. Save file with your last name and word “Application” (i.e. SmithApplication)

3. Updated resume. 

a. Save file with your last name and word “Resume” (i.e. SmithResume)

Submission process:

1. Email three files to:

2. Subject line should read: Your last name and the word “Job Application” (i.e. Joe Smith Job Application)