The Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas offers guided tours for groups to foster deeper understanding of exhibitions. We also offer art and science activities in conjunction with tours. A guided tour can be a great way for your students to see what is happening in their community and to enrich and reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.

Tours are available for all current exhibitions! Check out our exhibitions page.

Gallery tours are available for groups up to 100. One adult per twenty students should join the tour. ASC offers two types of tours:

Self-Guided tour

Guided tour with hands-on activity

We suggest a donation of $2 per students for tours.

For more information, please contact by phone at 870.536.3375 or by email at


Consider a tour for these exhibitions

STEAM Studio

ASC's newest hand-on exhibition, the STEAM Studio. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics come together in this exhibition with activities such as robots, coding, and stop-motion animation.

Sound Wall.jpg


IMAGINATE is an interactive, multi-activity exhibition that promotes innovation through collaboration and creative risk-taking. Are you and your students ready to venture into the world of innovation and accept the challenges and rewards of inquiry-based learning?
In this exhibition, you and your students will experience activities where experimentation and failure are vital components of each activity; where it is safe to test ideas and build on them further; where materials are seen as both a product of innovation as well as an important component; where collaboration is encouraged and where outcomes are many.
Innovation has been essential to our survival- driving the evolution of our civilization and the change in our daily quality of life. In this changing world a culture of innovation will help us meet the challenges ahead for our continued survival, both in terms of globalization and environmental changes. Whether you are doing science, art or engineering – innovative thinking can take us on the paths we have not yet explored.