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Eviction Quilts by James Matthews

The quilts in this series by James Matthews are all made from clothes and bedding left curbside after local evictions — each quilt representing a single eviction in Little Rock. The found material was washed, pieced, and sewn into quilt tops, which were then backed and hand-tied with cotton yarn. The quilts serve as a sort of material archive, documenting the personal and physical loss of the eviction, while also transforming the fragments into something that speaks to function and comfort.

Matthews is a documentary artist with a bias toward the human-made landscape, manual processes, and the physical object. He continues working on his Eviction Quilts series, documenting Little Rock's places of worship, and exploring disparities of race, wealth, education, and especially violence in Little Rock, work he began in 2006. He holds a Certificate in Documentary Arts from Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies and has also studied folklore in graduate school at UNC and pottery at the Arkansas Arts Center. He lives in Little Rock with his family.

Opening reception: Thursday, June 27, 5-7 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by Relyance Bank and the Arkansas Arts Council.